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Respite Care


Healthcare Worker with Patient

We Aim to Offer Better Quality of Life

At Sultani Serenity Home Health Care Agency, our respite care service provides temporary relief for families and primary caregivers. Our services are designed to offer a break from the demands of day-to-day caregiving for individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other long-term health challenges. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is equipped to provide personalized home health support services that can meet the unique needs of each individual. Each respite care plan is tailored to the specific situation and includes an array of support options, such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation assistance, medication reminders, and more. We also strive to promote socialization opportunities by providing engaging activities that can help clients maintain meaningful relationships with their community.

Respite Care Services Include:

✔ Complete/Partial Bath

✔ Dress/Undress

✔ Assist with Toileting

✔ Transferring

✔ Personal Grooming

✔ Assist with Eating/Feeding

✔ Ambulation

✔ Turn/Change Position 

✔ Vital Signs

✔ Assist with Self-Admin. Medication

✔ Medical Appointments

✔ Supervision 

✔ Prepare Breakfast

✔ Prepare Lunch

✔ Prepare Dinner

✔ Clean Kitchen/Wash Dishes

✔ Make/Change Bed Linen

✔ Clear Areas Used by Individual

✔ Listing Supplies/Shopping

✔ Individual’s Laundry

✔ Work/School/Social

✔ Other

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At Sultani Serenity Home Health Care Agency, we understand the importance of quality care when it comes to caring for your loved one - so rest assured that every client will receive professional service with a focus on respect and dignity.

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